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Trio Tech - Precision Excellence.

We are specialized in production of tools and dies and our service includes a wide variety of technical consulting for our valued customers. We develop and design all complicated and technically demanding engineered items from design, production, testing & delivery to our internal and external customers.

The experience of our employees guarantee a flawless execution of orders ensuring an effective reaction to the task we take, our tooling department focuses on success factors ensuring quality and time management, our most modern production technologies are well reviewed.

Our know how and operations since 2007 with production cycle ensure total service capable of meeting the most complex request. With our pioneering approach Trio tech assists engineers and designers to attain advanced technological solutions with innovative production techniques have led Trio Tech to be a bench mark in plastic, packaging, dies and tools, moulding industry and many other sectors.

Reliability consistency quality timing & creativity has naturally broadened our scope with customers and vendors where our capability of offering top expertise in co-design, engineering, designing, mould building, die casting surface finishing, assemblies and supply chain.

Evolution and development are the elements where Trio Tech reached becoming the market leader in design & construction of Complex moulds.

We promote human role inside the organization, Reinvesting the profits and resources in technology, machines, working environment with training and updates and follow all procedures in compliance with the quality systems and are continuously involved to developing innovative solutions such that the product we offer are innovative and thus improve the service of the products we deliver.

Our policies have always driven the company with technological evolution enriching the extraordinary experience where Trio Tech has been a top level partner for product engineering, Expertise and Experience being our core strength and we bound to offer our customers a superior customer satisfaction which has increased our value and maintain a professional relationship established Our Internal Know how are projected into the creation of something yet to exist.


To be precise in our task and to safely deliver any project at any given time for the benefit of our customers ,share holders,employees and the community we serve


To be the most high-tech tool room to cater to all kinds of industry and develop specialized engineered items with the highest precession.


We have the full lines of high end machines and can take up turnkey jobs with design and execution of complex engineered jobs. We can invest in complex machines to be a one stop special tooling house.