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Compression and Tranfer Moulds Tools


Transfer molding process combines the main principle of compression and transfer of the polymer charges. In the transfer molding process, polymer charge is transferred from the transfer vessel to the mold. The mold is then cooled and molded part is ejected from that part. This process is mainly  used to enclose  items such as integrated circuits, plugs, connectors, pins, coils, and studs etc. It is also suitable for molding with ceramic or metallic inserting materials which are placed in the mold cavity. When the heated polymer completes the mold, it forms bonding with the inserted surface. Transfer molding is also used for manufacturing and producing radio and television cabinets and car body shells.

Compression molding process is one of the low cost and not so complex molding methods as compared to injection molding and transfer molding. It is a high pressure forming process in which the molten plastic material is injected directly into a mould cavity by the use of heat and pressure to change to the shape of the mold. Compression molding process is mainly used for producing and creating electrical and electronic equipments. We know the application of compression and transfer moulds which are similar in some factors but slightly different.